Our Story

There is Power in a name! Let it guide you to your purpose and tell your story! ASIM AMARI is much more than a clothing line. Two words of Arabic and African origin meaning protector, love, and strength. It represents a promise to protect what you love and a reminder to give love to the world starting with yourself. Not only is ASIM AMARI a combination of names given to two brothers to symbolize an unbreakable bond it is also the strength to cont;nue a story that unfortunately ended too soon. On Dec 6, 2018, an intelligent young king and entrepreneur passed away from mental illness. In loving memory of Zakiyy “Asim” Williams, we present to you ASIM AMARI “Protector of Love”. May our names and legacies live forever.


 Our mission is to provide quality garments and accessories with style, love, and purpose. We are a fashion brand that promotes love with an emphasis on mental health awareness.

The Founder

 Meet Amari Adams, CEO, and founder of ASIM AMARI, a 29-year-old New Jersey native and mental health advocate. In honor of his younger brother, Amari dedicates this brand to all those impacted by mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. ASIM AMARI meaning “Protector of Love” was created to bring forth mental health awareness with an innerstanding that despite the challenges faced in life we must protect the love we have for ourselves. Amari believes that true love starts from within and is later reflected through our mindset, expression, and relationships with others. Through his own creative expression, Amari will use fashion to spread awareness, resources, and most importantly love.

“True love starts from within....”